Talk TCM Dermatology : Eczema For Ma Jun Zhang , MD中医谈皮肤病 : 湿疹 张僡峻医师

Eczema is a complex skin disease , eczema caused by internal and external factors sometimes influence each other , and neither is difficult to distinguish primary and secondary, internal and resistance function of the skin is closely related to the quality of the patient is allergic to the disease important factors related to heredity , age and environmental change , neurological factors such as anxiety , agitation , insomnia , fatigue , etc. induce or aggravate . In addition , endocrine , metabolic and gastrointestinal dysfunction, infection and the onset of lesions , etc. are also related . External factors like sunlight , heat , dry friction , cosmetics , soap, fur , synthetic fibers , such as certain foods can induce eczema such as fish, eggs or preservatives , flavors, colors , thickeners , also aggravate eczema .

TCM mainly within the rule of law can be divided into expelling heat , dampness detoxification, moistening blood, warm through the cold, and the combined use of several visual disease therapies or acupuncture , and topical therapy. Chinese medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases , blood and body fluids must be from an overall , organs and meridians to recuperate , to see the long-term efficacy, both within the rule heavy , heavy foreign rule . Chinese medicine treatment of skin has its advantages , as the medicine originated in people’s understanding of nature , closely related to life , and after thousands of years of accumulation and precipitation, in the clinical application of the effect is remarkable , little side effects.

Sien for Ma Jun Zhang , MD, TCM clinics that:
1 ) lung combined fur, Lung Wei Qi , safeguarding the body against foreign Evils , many skin diseases and related lung disease , such as allergic rhinitis patients may be both sensitive skin ;

2 ) Lung and Large Intestine , transporting large intestine dysfunction can cause constipation, stomach hot smoked on the face and chest and back smallpox problem occurs .

The skin is the body’s largest organ , is the body ‘s first line of defense , is mainly responsible for the protection of the body , perspiration , feeling cold and pressure capabilities. The functions are closely related to the internal organs , organs of an imbalance , it will involve dysfunction of other organs , should be taken very seriously tone ; Zhang physicians believe that even the common cold , but also a good conditioning , so the first line of lung involvement Guardian , will gradually cause adverse reactions linked . Often a person’s physical condition can be expressed from the skin out , for example, facial complexion , dark spots, acne, pigmentation , of course, is not just for cosmetic or skin care to prevent aging , skin problems if once there , it will directly affect a person emotions and daily life , it is not only painful , but also itch , so that patients suffering extreme discomfort .

Reminder patients do not avoid scratching , not to eat some spicy new spicy foods , otherwise entangled condition . Eczema may be longer or shorter duration , but the symptoms are generally brought more obvious , is one of the more stubborn skin disease , the incidence of eczema different parts , so that patients feel pain is great, it should be treated as soon as possible .

Share the following cases : eczema, steroid medicine to control the disease more than a decade , since the almost total skin ulcer medicine stopped , leaving a transparent or pus -like exudate by Sien Chinese medicine dermatology medicine and acupuncture conditioning six months to see markedly.

Before Treatment

After Treatment