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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the treatment of Autism with Acupuncture

Presented by Physician CHAN Alice

Childhood Autism, under the umbrella of autism spectrum disorder is a disorder in which children’s ability to communicate and interact is seriously impaired; children with autism have some form of language deficiency, demonstrate a need for order and consistency in their environment, and often display repetitive kinds of behavior.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine studies, autism is the derangement and deficiency in the brain/mind. Pathological location of autism is mainly in the brain, involving the heart, the pericardium, the liver, the spleen and the kidney. Causes of autism may be due to injury of the brain/mind or deficiency of the brain/mind in fetus and deficiency of the function of the heart, liver, spleen or kidney after birth. Treatment for children autism by using acupuncture to stimulate the brain function, arousing the intelligence, nourishing the heart, regulating the liver, strengthening the spleen and the kidney functions.