TCM’s treatment of Gynaecological Disorders

By SI En TCM Research Desk

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Restore the natural flow to your body with effective natural therapy from qualified practitioners. Menstrual or gynaecological difficulties are generally indicative of wider systemic problems or an unhealthy lifestyle. Western medicine tends to treat only the symptoms of common gynaecological disorders like irregular periods, intense cramps, and endometriosis with harsh medication that causes further imbalance in the body and simply masks the illness so that it will return as soon as the treatment ceases.

By contrast, traditional Chinese medicine offers effective, long term solutions for gynaecological problems. The TCM approach to menstrual disorders and gynaecology generally involves looking at the body’s systems in a holistic manner. Because the reproductive organs are so closely related to blood flow and the balance of hormones, it is often these larger systems which need to be targeted in treatment. Because TCM is focused on balancing the flow of qi in the body, it is particularly effective in helping patients to manage these types of disorders. Our Singapore clinic has helped many hundreds of women restore balance and harmony to their reproductive systems with proven traditional treatments.

The TCM Approach to Menstrual Disorders and Gynaecology

In traditional Chinese medicine, conditions related to the female reproductive system are seen as a result of a blockage of qi in the kidneys, spleen and liver. Symptoms of these types of blockages include irregular periods, cramps, and tightness in the chest as well as irritability, lower back pain, infertility and fatigue. Diagnosis comes after an in depth consultation with one of our experienced practitioners who will look at numerous lifestyle and emotional factors which could be the root cause of the qi blockage. Treatment for these types of conditions involves a multifaceted approach of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes.

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